A war of attrition with my electric furnace

Some of us fight never-ending battles with ourselves. It could be a fight to prove that you have confidence, or a battle where you’re constantly trying to get in better shape. I know how that feels first-hand, but right now I’m dealing with a different war of attrition – this one is with my heating system! The electric furnace that came with my house has proven to be a massive source of frustration for me, and every winter I have to prepare myself for the struggle. For five years, I’ve sat through three months of the furnace turning on only when I don’t need it, and being stuck in a cycle that my thermostat won’t stop! The only way I can get the furnace to stop running is to cut power to the unit via the circuit breaker box, which is definitely not safe. This past year, I finally learned that the best way to outsmart your enemy is to avoid them entirely. With that in mind, I decided to invest in a single electric space heater for my house. The space heater worked quite well to keep me warm when I used it in my bedroom or in the kitchen, and it used a little over one-tenth of the electricity that my furnace would use! Using that little portable space heater made for the first winter in five years where I wasn’t constantly sleeping in the cold. I couldn’t tell you how nice it was to wake up in the morning and not feel my teeth chattering! I think I might just stick to the portable space heating systems, and forgo the electric furnace altogether for next winter.

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