AC is totally saturated

My a/c machine is located in the garage area. I hardly ever go to the garage, because all of my hubby’s stuff is in that particular area. He actually has a mountain of tools for woodworking, mechanical projects, in addition to construction projects. During any given time, my hubby will have a project motorcycle in addition to a project car in the garage as well. It’s especially hard to move around, in addition to I am always frightened that I will step on something in addition to get tetanus. I try not to move through the garage, unless there is some sort of an emergency. I was working on the laundry last Tuesday, when I heard a loud popping sound in the garageā€¦ The popping sound honestly alarmed me, because I was the only person at our residence. I heard the popping sound all over again, in addition to it seemed to come from the a/c machine. I immediately called my hubby at work, even though he was on an important conference call. I didn’t hear the a/c machine running, so I decided to turn off the breakerā€¦ My hubby called a few minutes later, in addition to I explained the sound. He reached out to someone to come service the a/c machine, in addition to he told me to leave the breaker alone! When the a/c machine service worker investigated the problem I was facing, he could not hear the popping sound. Both of us let the a/c machine run for 30 minutes, but the sound didn’t occur even once. The a/c machine service worker apologized for not being able to help, in addition to told me to call again if we hear the unusual noise. I bet he thought I was pretty much crazy, but I swear I heard an unusual sound.

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