AC spare part


  I was really gleeful to rebuild a car with my dad. When I turned 16, I got my license, but i had some money saved from a part time work, plus my parents offered to double my savings for a car purchase. I found an aged Nissan with a lot of miles. It was in good shape on the outside, plus there was no rust or dents. Inside was a bizarre story. I needed to find a back seat, a front fender, plus a motor for the AC.

             The A/C motor was the most pressing thing on my list, because Summer was right around the corner. I did not want to drive the car without any cool AC, especially in the heat of the day. My dad plus I found a junkyard in the next town, plus they had plenty of parts for my aged Nissan. We went to look for the parts last month, plus my dad plus I were surprised by the selection. They had plenty of aged Nissans, plus a lot of them had parts that I needed. I knew that it wouldn’t take long to make the transfer, once I found the right parts.

               My dad was willing to help me with the A/C motor. That was the hardest part of the repairs. My dad has been working as a car mechanic for 25 years, and he specializes in A/C repairs & Equipment. My dad is going to help me make the A/C motor repair, plus I can repair the fender plus the backseat on my own. I have a manual for this car, which explains every repair in superb detail. It’s not the most technical piece of information, but it’s more accurate than any online video.

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