Adding another heater to the place

I am the proud owner of this hipster tea shop here in town, & ever since the temperature started cooling off this Wintertime, I’ve been noticing that all of us are having a real problem with heating the building where we’re located; I am starting to think all of us must have some troubles with our insulation & really with the drafty windows & doors in the building, too. It particularly doesn’t help with keeping the costs of our heating & cooling bills down, no joke! Doing my best to keep our dining space hot enough for our buyers has particularly been a challenge this Winter season. I’ve even taken to placing those small little section heating systems here & there around the building just so people will start to feel like they aren’t still outside when they’re hanging out at the tea shop. I’ve also started putting a small fire in the fireplace over in the reading space most days, and between the electric section heating systems & the fireplace, it hasn’t been too bad. But even the heating systems & the fireplace are nothing compared to the great air quality that comes along with a particularly high quality Heating & Air Conditioning unit. I am starting that the owners of the building we are in may eventually have to invest in a new heating unit for the space, because I particularly don’t want to keep paying these super high heating bills! I mean, I’m sure the building owners won’t want to hear about my heating headaches, however if they’re not going to invest in better furnace & maybe some better quality insulated doors & windows, then they’re either going to have to lower my rent per month or find some new tenants!