Afraid to go without any heating

When you own a home, you know that going without heat is totally your own fault.  Granted sometimes the HVAc system will fail, no matter how much you take care of it.  The HVAC system is mechanical and it is not if the HVAC will fail, but when. When the heating fails because of lack of fuel, it is all on the owner, because either he didn’t keep an eye on the fuel levels, or he was careless, or broke.  The reason I ran out of fuel was because I had just got my dream job and I hadn’t paid attention to when I got my paychecks from the new job. I didn’t have the fuel tank filled when I got my pay from the old job, but I frittered the money away on a new wardrobe.  When I got to work and found out they only paid twice a month and the new pay period was starting the day I started, I was worried. I knew I didn’t have enough fuel to get me through three more weeks. It was January and the weather was wickedly cold outside. I had to have heating to survive.  I fretted about the heating situation all weekend. I knew that I had a couple electric blankets, so I could sleep comfortably. There wasn’t much else I could do comfortably. I found an old space heater that I could use in the bathroom. I was actually carrying the space heater around with me to keep me warm.  The week before I got my paycheck, I called and ordered oil for my furnace. I was finally going to be warm again.

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