Air handler concerns

If you’ve lived in at least a single apartment component in your life, you’ll guess what I’m referring to when I talk about the air handler closet. It’s the a single closet in the apartment that has a metal door, instead of wood or any other material. This closet is where the air handler is kept, which is the interior portion of a cut air conditioning system… Normally, the closet for the air handler is just large enough to apartment the handler plus possibly the water heater. You could use the area for storage, even though I wouldn’t request it – here’s why; Last summer, I used the air handler closet to store a few folding chairs plus some tarps for outdoor use! My air conditioning system coincidentally started to put out worsening air quality each afternoon since I put those things in the closet, even though I never made the connection in my head! Eventually, after several months of a gradual decline in my indoor air pollen levels, the a/c system completely died on me. I had no system what caused this, until a certified heating plus a/c specialist came to the apartment on behalf of the property management. The first location he looked was, of course, the air handler closet. When he saw the tarps plus chairs blockading the air handler, he couldn’t help but laugh! He turned to me, explaining that this was a sizable no-no when tending to the HVAC system in an apartment. “You’re lucky”, he explained, “this could have caused severe water injure in your apartment!” Apparently the drip pan for the a/c system was also in this closet, plus it was full to the brim with condensate from the air conditioning unit, then he was right – I easily was lucky this didn’t get worse!

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