BAS for the area

I had worked for several weird businesses, but recently I heard a person talking about a mission critical system.  This was something that I was thinking belonged with a spacecraft, or some type of airplane. It took our son, the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C machine worker to tell me what it easily was.  He told me that the mission critical plan is a plan that is essential to the survival of an organization or a business. It would seem that if the mission critical plan would fail or somehow be stopped, the operation of the business would be easily impacted.  The mission critical plan is a series of computer systems that can adversely affect a business that can totally affect the daily life of society. If the mission critical system, such as online banking systems, railroad plans or jetliner operating plans actually fail, several people are affected and so are all the people who are actually involved in that society.  The huge difference between mission critical and business critical is the actual impact. Failing of the mission critical, or business critical plan could end up in a major loss of lives, serious injury of people and business, and/or extreme financial loss. Mission Critical Systems are essentially like the brain of the automation system. They can cause quite a bit of damage in several forms, if there was to be a stopping of it working properly.  To make their buildings a great deal more functional, they may occasionally shut down or put delays on particular parts of the automation system, but the critical systems is never even touched. The risks are several and when you are to glance at the outcome of shutdown, it seems the best move to not interrupt the process of the Critical System. Most people are not even aware of the critical plan that is functioning in the background of their building automation system.