Being smart with how we run HVAC

Lately, I’ve been looking for energy saving tips online. I was eventually able to come up with some incredible energy saving tips that have proved to be valuable for our household. One thing I never would have thought of was to change the light bulbs to the highly energy efficient LED bulbs. The reason this is such a smart energy saving tip is because the LED bulbs don’t emit genuinely much heat. This absolutely allows the a/c machine in your current residence to not struggle as much when you’re using the lights in your residence. In the Wintertime weeks, it’s a good move to switch back to the outdated light bulbs that do emit quite a bit of heat. That would make it easier to keep your current residence nice and warm without putting a good deal of strain on the heating machine. Another fabulous energy saving tip is to switch out the air filter often with your Heating, Ventilation and A/C machine. Some people say you should use HEPA air filters, but these air filters can actually put too much strain on your Heating, Ventilation and A/C machine. Seriously, it’s best to go with pleated air filters if you want to maximize on your energy savings and keep your air quality pretty good. HEPA air filters are more for superior air quality, but not genuinely energy saving. The next good energy saving tip is to have your HVAC duct cleaned respectfully. When you have this taken care of, all the dirt and debris is removed which makes it so your Heating, Ventilation and A/C machine runs a lot smoother. These are the energy saving tips our family and I live by!

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