Caring for the cooling device

One thing that I have never been wonderful at in the least is modern home service. The most I have done is put a coat or multiple colors of paint on the walls. But this Spring I have a whole list of major projects that I want to get all taken care of. Mostly I want to focus on cleaning. My house is from the ’70s plus almost everything is still original, however last month I took up the flooring plus it was a mess! Next month I will be cleaning out the air ducts plus all of the vents. I am going to get my A/C units back to working like new. I was talking to an Heating plus A/C professional plus he told myself and others cleaning out the many air ducts plus adjusting the air filters would make a sizable difference. I had told him that my A/C units have never easily worked too well, plus he explained that the older they get without proper service the more likely this is too happen. The Heating plus A/C professional went on to tell myself and others that undefined in older houses causes people a lot of problems. He then told myself and others if I have the money I should consider doing a tune-up of my new heating plus cooling systems. The Heating plus A/C professional told myself and others that he would do a free upgrade of my A/C equipment if I also got a modern oil furnace. I am thinking about doing this. I am not sure because I don’t use the undefined too much, however the weather as of late has been getting a lot hotter. I have looked up how to install an A/C unit plus I don’t think I could do it without an Heating plus A/C professional.