Cleaning out the a/c

Our five year old child has suffered, practically since birth, with horrible pollen irritations, and i recognize as though she lives at the doctor’s office plus is constantly on medication.  It makes myself and others recognize love I am not doing our best to keep her safe, plus as a parent, this is the one thing that we strive to do more than anything else, however both of us do as much as we can to keep our house allergen free.  Both of us have no pets, the yard has been updated with stone to avoid grass plus bugs, plus we are constantly cleaning. Still, she needs to live on medication because we can’t shut out the world around us. Both of us went to see a modern physician recently plus he started asking us about the house we live in.  He was impressed at the steps we had taken but said that all of them were useless unless we upgraded our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system. He suggested that we have the entire plan cleaned on an annual basis plus that we upgrade the filter plan to include a HEPA filter, and at this point we are willing to go to any lengths to have her recognize better.  Both of us called our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C business to make the changes plus we have also decided to homeuniversity her for the first few years. This will allow her to, hopefully, build up more resistance to the world around her. People who suffer from extreme pollen irritations are not able to like the world around them as most of us are. Our only hope is that there will be some sort of advancements in treatment in the future to make life easier for her as she grows, or, that she grows out of some of them as several people do.

HVAC filter