Cold rain and cooling

My father had a cousin that was one hundred percent out of this world off his rocker..  He was a lot of fun to be around, however you never knew if he was telling a story or telling you the honest facts.  I occasionally wondered if all of his adventures were real because they were so hard to actually believe. The two of us regularly knew that when he showed up at the house, we would be entertained for many weekends about he & our dad’s adventures.  I remember a single time when he began to tell us about how he & dad were helping to build a barn. It was a warm & sunny day that let them all know the weather could get nasty, & they were all covered in perspiration. He said that back then they didn’t have air conditioner. Of course, it was a building that wasn’t built yet, so there wasn’t any electricity to run an undefined, even if they had a/c.  That is the exact wording he used with this story. With that being said, he talked about how they were now working on this barn, trying to get it built before the rain had picked up. As they continued to saw wood & pound nails, they could hear the wind starting to get a big wild. He said that all of a sudden everything became deadly silent. Their ears began to roar & then they finished making. They recognize the timber shiver, as a chill went up their spines.  Everyone suddenly stopped as the building was picked up & then settled right back down. They ventured outside & realized a serious tornado had blasted through. The paper they had left on the ground, had been pushed into the tree easily. He said they went back to work, & they still hankered for the cooling winds that we currently call AC.