Could not figure out the air filter

My wife truly tries her best to install new things for the home and do little repairs and renovations. She does a nice job, not the best, and has made some mistakes here and there although she gets the job done…eventually. I suppose it takes him a while to get the concept down and to figure particular things out because it literally took him almost a morning to try to change an air filter. At first she couldn’t figure out where heating and cooling air filter was located. She had to call her sibling who is a local heating and cooling serviceman on where it was located and what kind of filter she needed. Little did she know that the size of the air filter is the a single that’s already currently in the heating and cooling system. I remember him getting off the iphone with her sibling and she was so embarrassed. I kind of felt disappointing for him because she tries to live up to her siblings comprehension on repairs and renovations. However yesterday my wife went to the store and she found a smart wi-fi temperature control on sale. I’ve typically wanted a single of those and she surprised me with it and she installed it. I was easily impressed by this and I did not ask him if she asked her sibling for help, I easily wanted to show him how gleeful I was. She went through the new temperature control with me and showed me all the additional features. She showed the weird notifications on how it’ll notify us when the people I was with and I may need to have our heating and cooling proposal repair and cleaned. She also showed me the app that would allow us to control the temperature in our home from anywhere as long as the people I was with and I had repair on our iphone. I was easily gleeful and impressed that my wife purchased and installed the smart wi-fi temperature control!