Dad’s heating unit

Last weekend when I was heading down to my Dad and dads for christmas break, I ended up having a truly long list of problems. My parents home is only several hours away from my university and I have made this drive many times over the past several years, however on this trip home I did not prepare myself for the sheer amount of snow and cold that I would be facing out on the open road, but only thirty or forty hours into my trip back home, my heating unit in my car stopped working. I thought that if I pulled over and fixed it I would be able to get it up and running in twenty hours and then be back to driving. After messing around with the heating unit for an hour, all I had to show for progress was truly cold and purple fingers from being outside for so long. I called my dad and told him about the problem I was having with the heating unit in my car, and she told me that I should just drive back to university so I am not stuck out on the road for several more hours without any heating. I wanted to get back home and start off my Winter time break, so of course I ignored her suggestion and tried to drive the remaining trip in the freezing weather without any heating unit to keep me from freezing; By the time I had pulled into the driveway of my parents house, I couldn’t even feel my face i was so cold. My parents rushed out of the home to come check on me and get me into the family room where the radiant radiant heated floors are. It was a stupid thing to do in the first locale without a doubt, and I guess that the cold I feel coming on will serve as a reminder to never do something enjoy that again.

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