Don’t forget the heater and booze

Everyone of us have made some pretty big mistakes. A friend of mine was in an accident that ruined his whole fence. Another friend of mine accidentally left his car open at night, and someone burglarized the place. I was unfortunate in my week also, because I forgot about some beer in my SUV. My friends and I work at a brewery in town. We often take Brewery samples to local bars. In fact, every one of us could drink for free all weekend if we want it. Of course, that would lead to some pretty huge issues with drinking and alcoholism. The people I was with an addition to myself try only to go out on the weekends, when there is a special occasion. Last weekend was my friend dogs birthday, and every one of us decided to go to the club. I had a bunch of beers in the back of my SUV, and the temperatures outside were freezing. The heat was running during our time in the club, but there was no heat outside in my SUV. Even though the indoor Club temperatures were warm and comfortable, outside it was still bombing and frigid. When my friends and I finally left the club, I opened my car door and the whole thing smells like beer. The cans in the backseat exploded in the frigid temperatures. My whole car was covered in hops. It’s a good thing we didn’t get pulled over, because no way that a cop would not have believed we were drinking in the car.

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