Driving as an occupation and climate control

I work for a transportation company, and I have to admit that it’s a lot of fun. I have always been a sociable person, so I enjoy talking to my customers as I take them here and there throughout the city. I also know my home city like the back of my hand, which obviously helps out with the job. I suppose it could potentially be rough being on the road all day, but I have made sure that my vehicle is comfortable, both for me and my customers. That was not quite as important when I was a pizza delivery driver, ┬ábut there is one feature I always had in my car to keep me comfortable, even back then. I always made sure to have a very good climate control system. In both jobs, I was nearly constantly in my vehicle, so I needed to be comfortable, and that necessitated having a good air conditioning or heater depending on the weather. When my A/C or heater broke down when I was a pizza delivery driver, it was not as big of a deal, so I endured the discomfort until I could get it fixed. Nowadays though, because I am actually transporting people to their destinations, I need to make sure that my heating and air is always functioning correctly. I am one of those drivers that genuinely cares about my customers and their comfort. They are giving me their business, and just like any other customer service job, it is my job to give them the best experience possible!

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