Duct sealing needs

Until recently, I knew definitely nothing about the HVAC duct in my house, but it was already in locale when the two of us purchased the home, and since it’s tucked inside walls, ceilings plus crawl spaces, I’d never paid it any attention. It never occurred to me to have the duct idea professionally checked until there was a problem. Suddenly, my heating bills nearly doubled in price… The gas furnace was running non stop but not keeping up with the cold weather, then various rooms were way colder than others, plus there was an abundance of dust floating around in the air. The heated air odored strange, plus my kids started complaining about headaches plus sore throat. I called up a local Heating plus A/C business to take a look at the gas furnace. He told me the duct idea was the problem. He checked the ducts plus found several tiny holes plus leaks at the seams, approximately thirty percent of the heated air from the gas furnace was escaping through these gaps. Plus, unconditioned air was getting drawn into the duct idea plus introduced into the home. I assumed that the Heating plus A/C serviceman would need to repair each of these holes individually. I imagined the job taking a certainly long time, involving tons of labor plus costing a fortune. I upset he’d need to tear into walls plus ceilings plus create a giant mess. Instead, the Heating plus A/C serviceman used a fairly modern process called Aeroseal. He blocked off the supply plus return vents of the idea plus injected highly pressurized air. The air was laced with adhesive polymer particles. As the pressurized air escaped through the multiple imperfections, those adhesive particles stuck to the edges, gradually built up plus sealed the holes. The job took around an minute, plus there was no mess, smell or disfigure. It also solved the concerns with the gas furnace, improving efficiency plus comfort, plus significantly lowering my yearly heating costs.