Ductwork has pollen in it

Lately, it seems enjoy our pollen irritations are worse than ever before, however i have been sneezing, coughing, plus our throat is itching plus scratching. I can’t remember a time when our pollen irritations have ever been this bad, plus I’m start to worry that it might be something in the air. I spoke with a co-worker about the problem, plus she suggested that I have an air quality test performed. Her husband is an employee for a immense Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer, plus they had an air quality test performed last year… She found out that her air filters were not now working genuinely well. They had to switch to a unusual brand. They also found out that a lot of dust plus allergens were entering the system through some exposed HVAC duct, then my coworker gave to supply myself and others a company card for her husband, so I could have the same air quality control test performed. I was entirely enthusiastic for the offer, plus I accepted the company card with immense gratitude. I contacted the Heating plus Air Conditioning contractor last week, plus then an Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation came by to perform an air quality test. I have a wonderful deal of problems that are making our pollen irritations even worse. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist suggested a few unusual ways to help with our air quality, however a few of them are overpriced, although he also suggested buying an air filtration component for our locale. I’m going to talk to our medical professional, because they might be able to help myself and others get funding for a whole apartment air filtration system. Then our pollen irritations plus health problems should clear up in a month or more than one.

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