Extra HVAC parts are missing

Several days ago, our spouse and I had a strange break-in. We live in the middle of nowhere, and our closest neighbor is more than two away… Our house is substantial and massive, and our house is near the back of the property! In the middle of the night or even the daytime, it’s hard to see an intruder, especially from the road, but my spouse and I were away on vacation, and our house was burglarized while we were gone. It seemed  very strange, because the burglars took some very odd items! They stole all of our electronics, which is not uncommon. They also took all of the parts of our HVAC system. They stripped all of the copper, and took any space of the HVAC system that could make money. They stole the evaporator coils and the compressor for the outdoor air conditioner unit. The whole place looked like tornado ripped through the house and the garage, but when my spouse and I called the police, they told us that other people in the area were burglarized that week. It seemed like a task from a pro, because many other folks were missing outdoor HVAC components. The people breaking in obviously knew how to detach the components without from causing any alarm. At least the police had a few leads, so they could track down the culprit. My spouse and I had to contact our homeowners insurance and they substituted all of our stolen electronics and paid for a new HVAC system. When the company came to complete the replacement, they were amazed by the burglar’s handiwork.

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