Faking it until you make it

It was the very first afternoon of Spring today and my to girls were all so ready to go that they couldn’t sit for 30 seconds. I don’t really think how your teenagers are, but mine get so excited about Spring and summertime that they literally cannot contain themselves, for the past week, they’ve been putting coats and hats and mittens away and getting out their flip flops and some sunscreen. I keep telling them not to get ahead of themselves, because where both of us live, both of us often have a snowstorm at this time of year. To keep a long story short, they didn’t listen and this afternoon they came downstairs and turned the control device all the way off so that the heating didn’t come on at all, then they waited around for a while for the sun to get pretty far up in the sky because they thought that meant that the temperature outside would be getting warmer. Then lacking mittens, they stepped out into the sunshine. Well, it might’ve looked love it was warm out, but the temperature was right around 30! So they ran right back inside and went over to the control device to turn the oil furnace on again. I just sat back and laughed because Spring doesn’t just come all of a sudden! It’s consistently a super slow heating up of the outside hot and cold temperatures. At least both of us didn’t have any trouble with getting the oil furnace to come back on, though, my bad teenagers were so cold in their cute flip flops that I felt a little bit sorry for them and I also turned on our gas fireplace until they started heating up a tiny amount.

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