Getting our heater checked out

When you do a lot of travelling, as my crew does, you start to be prepared for all situations.  We would travel to some pretty remote areas of the country where there is no heating and air conditioning. I work for this television show that goes into the worst looking buildings and renovates them.  We have to sign a lot of wavers to be able to work in these areas. This absolves the owners of any liability in case of an emergency. Our latest shoot is going to be at an abandoned hotel site. The nearest town is several miles away and since we want to be able to work day and night, we have opted to stay on site.  We have a portable propane heater that we can use. We take along our propane cook stove and the propane lanterns for lighting. They arent normal camping lanterns, but huge lanterns that light up a hundred square yards of area, almost like it is daylight. This gives us the ability to work in shifts and get the work done more expediently.  The propane furnace is a must for us. We can’t take it on long trips, but it is okay as long as we can get to our destination by truck. Our propane furnace helps to save us money and time wherever we are doing a shoot. We even take our own portable pottys so we have all of the comforts of home. As long as we have good airflow and ventilation, our portable furnace can even go into the tents to keep us warm.  What more can we ask, but all the comforts of home.

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