Getting our HVAC license

It took almost more than two years for me to complete my classes.  My certification as an Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C company normally would have taken half that time, but, I was absolutely working full time as well as attending classes at evening.  I needed the task to pay my tuition as well as rent so I absolutely had no choice. When I gained that certification I was so proud. Finding a task was another huge work. I changed tasks later in life so when I interviewed, numerous companies expected me, due to my age, to have experience.  I didn’t so I needed to start as an entry level company. I needed to travel with one of their long time employees to learn the ropes. Many of the older employees knew about repairing older systems but were lost when it came to the newer technology. Since I as fresh out of school, I had the opposite expertise. I was able to give him assistance with some of the home calls that the two of us had to make.  It is occasionally meant that he was teaching me, as well as at other times, I was teaching him. It absolutely was a benefit to each of us as well as I was absolutely cheerful to job with him. I never imagined that I would be of assistance to someone with so much experience. My expertise of new technology has absolutely come in handy especially if the two of us ran into one that needed to be complicated shooted using a ipad, however plugging it in to run a diagnostic on the system can be taxing if you have never had to do that before.  Reading the results can be taxing too if you don’t know what you are doing.