Great HVAC system repair

Since I was a young kid, I have been in awe of anyone who worked with HVAC.  I thought it was the most fascinating thing there was to work on. I would watch my dad as he fiddled with the air conditioning and by the time I was six, I was changing the air filters.  When I got my computer, I was always looking at schematics of heating and air conditioning and wondering if I could fix the units. When I was fourteen, I fixed my mom and dad’s furnace, even before they knew what was wrong with it.  After that, I became the HVAC guru to go to if there was a problem in the HVAC system. Before long, I was fixing the HVAC for our entire family. I had my aunt tell me that I should get my certification and make some money fixing HVAC units, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.  I had other dreams. I just wanted to keep the HVAC as my hobby. I plan on going to college and getting a degree, but while I am still at home, I continue to help out the family and friends. Last week, my uncle offered to pay me for my service. He told me that he knew I would be needing money for college, but I refused.  I do remember one time when I did charge someone. The man was a real pain and when he assumed I was also going to give him free parts, I decided charge him for the cost of labor my dad’s HVAC technician would charge. He has asked me again, to work on his HVAC system.