Have to be careful when I work

I am a gardener and I do this for a living.  I constantly am hauling all kinds of shrubs, trees, plants as well as other materials from the big business of yards. All of this really makes our pollen irritations flare up depending on the sort of pollen that is coming from the plants that I use. There are times I am having the air conditioner system or gas furnace work so they can help fight this. However, there are days even with the air conditioner system & the heating on it can not… This is why when I get back to the home, I have the AC system running. The AC is installed in our home. The central air is linked directly into the ductwork and the air purifier works with it. This helps for great clean air to be pulled throughout our great home. This helps for when I get home and seem to be having a terrible afternoon with the pollen irritations from the trees as well as weeds. This is easily the reason I got our whole-beach house air purifier set up into our house in the first site, to assist with our never ending pollen irritations I get on our task, however having these pollen irritations is a real pain in the butt. but, it is something that I need to live with for the rest of our entire life. As long as I have our quality air conditioner system & gas furnace in the truck, as well as have an air purifier, it keeps everything flowing so I do not have to suffer too much.