Having a smart building is a game changer

Lately, I’ve been hearing a ton of things about Building Automation Systems or BAS.  I had to talk to our kid to find out what it absolutely was. He told myself and others that BAS is used pretty much in commercial Heating plus A/C control systems plus in energy management systems.  He told myself and others that the Building Automation is absolutely an energy management system. This manages to save the management companies plus the proprietors a ton of money because it efficiently controls heating plus A/C equipment comfort plus the process system.  Where Heating plus A/C equipment control is the main concern. I was lost when he went into microprocessors that basically communicate with each other plus with PCs. The PCs plus the controllers work together so the Building Automation System can be connected to the internet or so they can be an individual system that functions only with the company in which it is installed.  In other words, the Building Automation System controls how the Heating plus A/C equipment works, including not just the temperature control plus temperature, however also in the energy management plus even in the control of the ventilation system. Everything is essentially tied together by the use of microprocessors, which are basically tiny little PCs. If you are linking several buildings together, they are linked to the internet so the BAS is able to be handled by a single main server.  There are BAS systems that can be set up for individual buildings too. They are mainly for commercial use, at this time, however they are starting to build homes with integrated Heating plus A/C equipment which is basically Building Automation, however in a much smaller form..

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