Heating equipment and saving energy

So several times already this year I have gone into a shopping center, just to get blasted with a hot gust of air as I enter.  The air is usually heated plus it dries out our eyes severely. I wish I knew who it was that invented this way of being warmly greeted.  I don’t think it is necessary, however our sibling had a cool theory that the heating was supposed to take the germs away. I just laughed at her plus she also laughed with me.  I was talking to someone who worked there plus she said it was in fact meant to push the cold, unheated air, back toward the doors, This was a way to save some amount of money on the energy bills for the store.  This seemed as wild as what our silly little sibling came up with for the reason behind the blast of heated air. Personally, I happen to think that the heated air being blown out, can cost them more money. Maybe instead they should just have the thermostat that actively controls the front of the building, a bit higher to compensate for the chilly winter air that is always coming in.  The heated air isn’t blasting when you go out, however, it’s only when you come in. Aren’t they wasted just as much air with the exiting, if not more than that amount? People have more items to take out of the store. I have seen at least 5 people just kneeling by the doors, so they don’t need to go out into the chilly before it is at all necessary. Whatever they do, I don’t think it is possible to significantly save on the heating when they enter.

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