Heating use at night

My friends and I used to party every weekend, staying out until early in the morning and keeping the good times going! As we grew older, most of us mellowed out a little bit and we began to prefer staying in at each other’s homes in order to have more exclusive gatherings. And then as more time passed, and then now I’m finding myself perfectly content just staying home. I like reading a great book on a Friday or Saturday night. Time can really be a stern reminder of how you’re getting older! It can also show you how much you’ve matured, too, and finding out where your priorities lie! For example, just the other weekend I was winding down after a stressful Friday at the office. As I grabbed a cold drink, I sat on our couch to read. Then I heard the distinct sound of our furnace winding up to begin heating up our house. The electric furnace kicking into action was great in itself. And I knew I’d be warming up in just a moment. But unfortunately for me, this sound was interrupted by a much louder popping sound. It scared me and I jumped up to my feet! Then I got up and went over to inspect the closet with the air handler in it. I could clearly hear our furnace turning on and off. And then I could smell this faint odor. It smelled like burning rubber, plus when I checked the temperature control, the machine showed that the furnace was off. Despite trying to get the furnace to turn on, I still had no luck. Thankfully it was a mild night and I could get by without a furnace. If it had been a colder night, I’d have no choice but to call over to the Heating plus A/C business for emergency repairs! But since the weather was more forgiving on this particular night, I felt as if I could wait until the following month to sort this all out.

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