Heatwave cooling

It can be a challenge to maintain comfortable indoor air conditions when the warm summer season heat is bearing down on your residence. If you live any higher than the first floor, you’re going to get it even worse since the heat will rise up from ground level. From every angle, you’ll be hit with vast amounts of heat plus sunlight, which also serves to warm the building plus turn it into a greenhouse… With all the forces acting against you, every single avenue must be explored to stay cool! I’ve found that the most critical thing to do is stay on top of your air conditioner machine service schedule. Every five months or so, a certified heating, ventilation plus air conditioner service worker should be coming to your residence plus inspecting the HVAC system. From the outside A/C condenser device to the indoor air handler, the entire machine has to be in peak condition to get through these brutal summer season months without experiencing a breakdown. You can keep black drapes up in the window, have common seals around the windows plus doors, plus make use of fans, but nothing will do more for your indoor air quality than staying on top of your A/C machine service. I will say that another fantastic thing is to be sure that you keep the residence just a few degrees warmer than you’d prefer. While this sounds opposite of what you should do to stay cool, it’s honestly important to remember that the air conditioner machine can only task so much in these drastic hot plus cold temperatures! Relying less on the A/C machine plus using fans around the residence will improve the lifespan of your A/C machine, plus help cut costs!

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