Hopeful the cooling works

This weekend was pretty much the longest two afternoons of my entire life, and i was hoping for nothing besides some peace and quiet, however I only found chaos and concerns… My sweet wifey and I were glad that the youngsters went out of village for the whole long weekend. My son had a basketball tournament, and he went off with his friend and his family. My daughter spent the long weekend camping with her Girl Scout Troop. My wifey and I were fully planning on spending Tuesday cleaning the back yard and planting some wild daisies, roses, and lilies, and both of us went shopping on Tuesday night in order to pick up our supplies. Both of us purchase several bags of potting soil, Miracle-Gro, and some red mulch. Both of us had absolutely everything ready to go, so both of us could get started right after lunch on Tuesday. My wifey woke up first, and she started making a nice filling lunch. Even though the ventilation fan in the family room was running, the entire home was starting to sizzling up. My wifey decided to turn on the central a/c, then this was the first time using the a/c for the season. My wifey went over and adjusted the temperature on our control component to 77 degrees and turned on the a/c, unfortunately, we noticed that nothing happened at all. The a/c didn’t come on, however it should have been genuinely up and working. My wifey and I had to make an appointment with the nearest a/c service center. Most of our morning was lost to the a/c inspection; the next day was lost as well, when my wifey and I found out that both of us quickly needed a brand new a/c, and since warm season was probably only a few weeks away, both of us decided to instantly install the whole new a/c.

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