HVAC business job


A couple of months ago our wife and I began to get into the house flipping scene, each of us love to work with our hands, and all of us are both retired so all of us don’t have much going on in our day to day lives, and my wife used to be an interior designer for over thirty years, and I was a manager at a genuinely successful Heating and Air Conditioning heating and cooling company. The people I was with and I also have one child who is fully grown up now, and he has chosen the follow our path of being an Heating and Air Conditioning repair tech as well. My small families mix of careers has really given us a superb beginning on flipping houses. The people I was with and I have come to find out that the most valuable parts that go into flipping a house is almost one hundred percent simple repairs and upgrades; With the houses that all of us take on all you need is a few coats of paint, replacing the counters, and replacing the heating and cooling units does the work almost every time. The people I was with and I have all of these bases covered so all of us can do it ourselves instead of having to hire any outside companies to do the work for us! Like I said earlier, I worked in this field all our life so I guess how valuable it can be! Now that it has been a few months and all of us are starting to get a solid handle on this new business endeavor, all of us are able to flip houses faster and more efficient, while enjoying a genuinely nice profit margin from each house sold. I sure am glad that our family chose the common careers to help with what all of us do know, because flipping houses would be much more valuable and frustrating if not.

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