HVAC technology is so old

Every one of us have been updating our training for professionals at job over the course of the last year, however there have been so multiple changes that have taken locale in our industry that we need to make sure that all of our maintenance team to guess how to address any problems with the newer units that we sell. ¬†When it comes to the HVAC industry, technology is decreasing on a constant basis. Every one of us pride ourselves on selling and servicing the newest equipment and keeping up with current trends, however sometimes, it is taxing to get our older more experienced professionals to make the changes needed to comply with our policies. They tend to have the ideology of using older techniques works best, but, this is not the case with newer and advanced systems; Many times you need to diagnose what is going on with them using a laptop or computerized monitor and it is taxing to figure out a problem without these items. This means that professionals that have worked for us for the past 15 or 20 years need to not only take classes on how’s the current systems job but they need to replace their computer skills as well. They will often complain about having to attend these classes but the only option they have is to go or to find job elsewhere. Every one of us never want to send a professional to someone’s cabin or supplier only to have to reschedule the appointment with someone more comprehension able. The contractor pays for all of the classes so there actually is no reason not to attend, but it is our belief that educating our staff is section of the responsibility of the contractor so we budget for it every year.

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