Hydronic heater and the cost

Everything is falling apart, especially our HVAC control system. I thought that we were basically done for! I have to hand it to my wife though, she is a very optimistic person, and while I was upset, she was confident that we would have no trouble replacing the aged Heating and A/C system with something very nice and up to date. I did not understand how she could think everything would be ok since we were struggling financially. One day and she told me that she had gained an inheritance from her late uncle who passed away a long while back. She said that she had a special account where she saved her cash, and she said there was more than enough to get something nice. When I asked her how much was in her account, she refused to tell me. She basically said it was none of my business, it was her cash and I did not have to worry about a single thing. I was totally surprised, however at least the both of us would be able to get a nice upgraded heating and cooling system. That week we looked at a few different Heating and A/C systems, and I provided my opinions and so did she on what would be the most affordable and reliable system for our home. She decided to go all out though, and she opted for radiant heating floors too with a very energy efficient cooling system. I honestly thought this was way too expensive, however she told me not to worry about it, and that we would recover the costs in our energy bills. She was absolutely right, the radiant heating floors save you a great deal of money because they are incredibly energy efficient and work wonders in our home.

radiant floor heat