Larger amounts of a/c

What’s the 1 thing you’ll consistently remember from your childhood? Is it something ecstatic and sweet, appreciate bringing home a puppy? Or is it something a bit more bleak, appreciate having to provide a pet away? For me, it was the latter, and it was when my dad called critter control on a stray dog that I brought home, and i never saw my dad so angry in my life, and I never understood why! Well, that’s right up until the fleas came… They were everywhere, even in the air conditioner program vents and HVAC duct of the house! Every time the air conditioner program or heating component cycled on, every one of us could see a ton of fleas jumping out and around the study room, kitchen – even our study rooms. Nowhere was safe! My dad had no option however to call pest control, who told us that a bug bomb needed to be used as soon as possible, and on top of that, the pest control guy said the heating and air conditioner program had to be off for the duration of this bomb being used. Otherwise, the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C program would use exhaust fans to circulate the pesticide out of the house! I still remember helping my mom and dad to vacuum out the entire house, before every one of us finally used the bug bomb and stayed at a hotel for the evening! When every one of us came back to the house, it was appreciate a scene from a war film, and every one of us found dead fleas everywhere, and every one of us had to run the air conditioner program without pause for multiple mornings just to get the smell out! Lesson l gained, that was for sure.

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