Losing heat fast

When my family plus I first saw the hunting cabin, the people I was with and I were a bit put out.  There were all sorts of grape vines growing all over the cabin. Some of the windows were broken pretty bad, plus the people I was with and I couldn’t manage to get the door open.  My father had owned this modern residence plus he offered it to us, when he died. I hadn’t been here since I was a young girl. I remember coming out here plus Dad would go hunting while Mom plus I would stay at the residence.  We always kept the seasoned fireplace burning plus we cleaned the modern residence up. Mom plus Dad always slept in the modern loft while I got to sleep on the seasoned pull out sofa in the living room area. I think I must have been more comfortable than they were, because of the nice heating from the fireplace.  Now, this was our residence. My family plus I finally got into the residence plus I cried. The seasoned sofa was still there, but it had been abandoned plus the stuffing had been ripped out by some type of creatures. The wood walls plus floors that had been so lovingly cleaned plus used to shimmer, were now covered with mold.  I went upstairs to the loft, to find that the bed still seemed to be waiting for my parents to come sleep in it. My husband yelled up to me and I came down the steps. He had the fireplace going plus I could actually feel the heating wafting up the stairs. He told myself and others that it could be cleaned plus repaired without too much hassle.  The people I was with and I were going to have a modern family with new memories with the modern residence plus the fireplace.

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