Love the a/c plan there

My in-laws were about 2 hours away when my husband realized 2 critical items were not functioning respectfully. The first item was the pull-out sofa. Somehow the hinges managed to get stuck & both of us pulled too hard to get it unstuck causing a sofa bed fatality. The second item was our Heating & A/C machine was pumping out a rather horrible smell. Both of us knew it was coming from our heating & A/C machine because both of us actually narrowed down the smell to our air vents… One vent in particular was extremely awful. One of the boys described the smell as a combination of dead mouse & moldy bread. This is not the cozy residential scent I wanted to welcome my in-laws to.

           My husband went around & had a look at all the air vents. He focused on the vent that was cooling over the kitchen environment. The clock was ticking. Both of us only had a single hour until the in-law’s arrival. He opened up the A/C vent, peered inside & cringed, a dead mouse. How the mouse managed to work its way in the Heating & A/C machine air duct was a mystery both of us would have to solve on another afternoon. Our Heating & A/C machine professional had just recently made a suggestion to get a duct cleaning service. How I wish, both of us had gotten that taken care of earlier

We decided to ditch the body outside (double ziplock baggie style) & wiped down the inside air vent… My husband did the dirty task & I was on deck with some lemon scented spray cleaner. We actually managed to get everything done & were able to get the Heating & A/C machine pumping out a legitimately lemony scented smell just in time for the in-law arrival.

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