Making the a/c quiet

I entirely have a problem with quiet spaces… If there is no noise, I feel like I am nuts! When the power goes out and everything is still and stagnant, I want to howl and cry. I typically have a fan running inside of my office at my residence. I task from home, in order to control my indoor environment, however ice-cold temperatures are totally important to me as well. I have the air conditioner machine temperature control set to 72 degrees, so it will cycle frequently. I adore the frigid temperatures, and I know that I also task better in a frigid atmosphere. I also have a small orange fan that basically just sits on top of our printer. The fan is quiet, but it makes just enough noise. It’s pretty much a small hum that typically Buzzes in the background. It’s perfect for our quiet section problem. On Sunday, the power was out for hours, and nothing in the residence would work. I could not use the air conditioner machine, and I could not use the fan in my office. Everything was quiet and still, and I thought I would lose my mind. Without the air conditioner machine, the temperatures were suddenly rising. I had to go outside and go for a little walk, while the power was out! Happily, a lot of neighbors were outside, and they were grumbling about the problem as well. One of my neighbors had a small generator running, and they were able to use all of the household appliances. I definitely will be shopping for a generator, next time I have a chunk of change inside of my pocket.

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