More cash for our HVAC component

My best friend from high school has a job at a trucking company that moves truly large plus heavy things, plus he asked me to help him one morning for some extra cash. I agreed to this because I am fantastic at physical labor plus it was a fantastic chance to make a few extra bucks. To be totally honest, I actually regret the fact that I took him up on the offer. If I had known all of us were going to be moving a three hundred pound central heating plus a/c plan, I would not have shook his hand on this! My friend is one of the strongest people I know, and can do amazing lifts. I am strong too, however not enjoy him! We were lucky all of us had an extra helping hand, otherwise, this whole think about moving that huge three hundred pound central heating plus a/c component would have truly killed me. I have a feeling that death or hospital bills would not be worth the extra cash obviously! I have no plan how all of us even ended up moving this three hundred pound ton central heating plus a/c plan in the first place, however we ended up doing it between us. And I can definitely tell you, this is something I would never do twice in my life! My friend had actually ended up paying me a few extra bucks for the unexpected hauling of the central heating plus a/c unit, but my arms and shoulders hurt very bad as if I had done the largest work out or ran a thousand miles in some cross country race. All because of having to move this three hundred pound huge central heating plus a/c unit!

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