Need ductless HVAC for the steamy kitchen

I need to get some form of ventilation for the kitchen. My kitchen is just not set up that good. I have the stove and microwave right over top of each other. When the stove steam rises, the condensation forms on the microwave and then drips back down. The steam from my cooking goes even higher. It rises up to the ceiling and leaves little water spots up there. I hate how moist and hot it gets when I cook. I know the reason it is so awful is because I have no airflow in the kitchen. I need air conditioning or at least a fan moving around the air. The steam needs to be wafted around and the air should be cold when I cook. The problem is that when my home was set up, the kitchen was originally in a different room. My husband and I expanded our house but forgot about HVAC. There are no air ducts in the kitchen or open air vents. We just made a solid room that is sealed from the rest of the house. Because of this, we can’t attach the current HVAC equipment to the kitchen. What I will need to do is buy a ductless mini split for the kitchen. This will give both heating and cooling function and its own separate thermostat. It will be expensive but it is the only way to have airflow and climate control in the kitchen area. Sure I could go cheaper with portable HVAC, but it would not work as good.

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