Need to get a HVAC expert

You know how everyone always says that family is supposed to stick together? That phrase has particularly started to haunt me other the last few days now that my HVAC heating and cooling equipment broke down. I have been using the same equipment for the last many years, and a single day when I came home from work I noticed that there was a small stream of thick smoke coming out of the heating and cooling equipment and it wasn’t even making a sound. Later that day I was venting about the HVAC equipment breakdown in my family group chat, and my brother advocated that he could come over and try to maintenance it up for me. I had totally forgotten that my younger brother had been trying to become a certified HVAC service person for the last few weeks, and now he knew I needed some help with my unit. However my brother is a single of those people who thinks they are skilled at various things in life, however really succeed with undoubtedly few of them. One of those things my brother lacks skill with is most particularly being an HVAC repairman. He is my brother however, so I look like a jerk if I don’t end up having him come over to work on the unit. Now I am stuck between calling my official HVAC supplier to send out a service tech, testing my luck with having my brother try to work his magic on the unit. I am starting to assume that I will just throw the entire equipment out and just buy a new a single to avoid all of this annoying family drama!