Need to remove the dust

I am always getting on my brother’s case because it seems he never listens to me, especially when it comes to important things. I go over to his place to visit, I notice that the air quality is lacking, then when the air quality is gross like that, I believe that he is not getting his regular Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system repaired and cleaned. I have also asked him about when he changes his air filters and he never wants to get into that. I suspect that he doesn’t change them out a whole ton. Because why else would the air quality be so awful and it be so dusty in his place, seriously, when you are just resting there on the couch, you can unquestionably see all the dust floating through the air! This bothers me! One afternoon, I insisted on going to see his air filter. That thing was so clogged up, it was disgraceful! I showed this to my brother and he almost puked, it was so sickening. I told him this was the reason why it was so dusty in his house and dirty. Plus if he kept this up, he would no longer have a working Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system! So the two of us both went and picked up some air filters and I showed him how easy it was to switch them out, then he was particularly glad about the changed air filter and said he would stay on stop of it. Well, when I visited at a much later time, I noticed the dust and the dirtiness again in his place and sure enough his air filter was clogged up, he will just never learn!

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