New locations and HVAC

Last Winter season, I saw  snow for the first time. I visited my cousin, Susan up north. She has lived in a cold and snowy climate for her entire life. She is used to the weather at this point. It is simply a lot of work and expense to her. I thought it was great.  I had never experienced a white Christmas, gone skiing, ice skated or ridden a snowmobile before last year. Susan was willing to indulge me but doesn’t really like the snow. I just wanted to be outside all the time. I will admit that the temperature was truly cold. It felt far colder than what I expected. After omping around in the snow drifts, I was thankful for the powerful the heating system in her home. I then realized why my cousin prefers to spend her Winter season inside. The view is beautiful from the window.  With access to a thermostat, she can keep her home as warm as she likes. I talked to Susan about how hot and humid the weather can be where I live. She thought it sounded like paradise by comparison.She might feel differently when the temperature climbs into triple-digit territory with 100% humidity! I explained how it’s necessary to run the air conditioning just about year round where I live. Susan insisted she would love to lay out in the sun all afternoon. She said the heat would not bother her. Susan needs to visit me. She’ll find out why I hide in the house with my air conditioner blasting all summer long.