no HVAC in our space

Our friends recently returned from a trip to Europe where they had back packed for the last 30 days. Every one of us got together to look at photos they had taken and hear about their adventures which were absolutely exciting. I would have never been able to undertake such a trip because I am not that brave but I was happy to learn how they made out. Much of their time was spent in the countryside and they would stop at hostels to sleep overnight. They said that they survived on meager rations at times because if they were in between towns they would sleep out under the stars. They did admit, that they were at one point lost, and had no cell signal to use their navigation. That would have terrified me but they pushed on until they found a farm home to stop and ask instruction. They were lost for a total of 3 days with nowhere comfortable to sleep and they said that they were lucky enough to find fruit trees so they had things to eat. Our one neighbor said that they spent much of the long afternoons dreaming of a hot bed and heater. They said it was chilly and damp where they had to sleep out and all they wanted to do was take a tepid shower and relax in a temperature-controlled space. Much of Europe has a unusual view of how to heat and cool their homes and our friends were thrilled to get back to the United States and their cozy house; Being able to adjust the control equipment to regulate your home’s temperature is a luxury that they will seldom take for granted again. They loved their adventure and said that they will never regret what they were able to see, but, the next trip may take will be to a resort somewhere where everything is perfect for them.

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