Options in commercial HVAC

When a new hospital Branch opened in our small City, they cited a lot of advertisements in the newspaper. They were hiring for several different positions, not just doctors, doctors, in addition to certified medical assistants, and when I saw an advertisement for experienced HVAC workers, I decided to go online in addition to study more information about the position. The hospital was going to hire a few experienced HVAC workers to keep on the payroll full-time. The HVAC worker needed at least 2 years of experience on Commercial HVAC systems. The advertisement also asked for numerous years of experience in gas boiler maintenance. That meant the hospital was using a special gas boiler heating plan for most of their needs; Luckily, I have a great deal of experience with gas boilers in addition to Commercial HVAC systems. I have been finally working with a nationally-known company for numerous years, in addition to I have been in charge of more than two major commercial accounts for the past year. All more than two of these commercial accounts have gas boiler heating systems. It sounded like the perfect task, in addition to I was gleeful to send my application. I had an interview last week, in addition to I found out that the new hospital is going to have a building automation plan that controls the gas boiler in addition to cooling system. If I am hired, I am going to learn about a whole different type of plan for heating in addition to cooling a large space. I do not have a lot of experience with building automation systems, so I truly will not end up with that task. Still, I had a great interview in addition to it could go either way.

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