Our huge cooling device

There is no doubt in my mind that an unreliable air conditioner is the most aggravating problem to encounter as a homeowner… When you live in an apartment, all you have to do is tell your property owner or property manager about the issue, plus they must have the problem fixed within a set timeframe. The luxury of avoiding accountability for such repairs is gone when you own a home, as you are now tasked with the upkeep of all appliances within – including the heating, ventilation plus air conditioners! My home’s A/C system has reared its head numerous times in the past year alone by having sudden troubles that have to be tended to instantly. These troubles range from a drain pan that clogs easily, to a cracked air compressor, and no matter the problem, it’s constantly a expensive service – plus I’m guaranteed to spend numerous days feeling hot plus miserable in a apartment with no A/C system running. The most recent issue that came about was when I decided to opt for a cheap alternative to my proper air filters, which was a exhausting decision in hindsight! Within a month of using these cheap thin air filters, my air quality suffered so much that the apartment has developed this constant mildew smell, and it’s disgusting! At this point, I’m going to just call my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C service company, plus tell them to replace my current A/C unit… Surely starting up-to-date with a clean, fresh A/C component will be the change my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system needs!