Setting up the climate control

I definitely like a wonderful cup of coffee, first thing in the day.  To wake up to the stink of coffee brewing, makes me smile every single time.  It just seems like the ideal eye opener. I know some people prefer the frustrating sound of their alarm clock.  I prefer to hear the gentle perking of my coffee equipment plus the stink of the coffee. It is warming, if you really think about it.  Coffee is synonymous with warming your hands on a cold Winter season day. You come in from shovelling snow plus you are easily chilly. You make a cup of boiling coffee plus wrap your frozen fingers around a boiling mug of coffee while resting near the air vent, or in front of the fireplace, or stove.  You allow the odor of the lovely coffee to titillate your nostrils plus the steam warms your nose altogether. I don’t know how anyone can’t equate coffee with comfort plus waking up. I believe there are people out there who don’t prefer coffee, however I don’t know any of these people. Maybe they prefer the sound of the heating machine turning on, or the A/C machine.  The programmable temperature control is doing its work plus bringing up the temperatures in the Winter season. The heating machine is turning on plus warming up the residence. In the warm season, the A/C machine is coming on to greet you with a nice cool room. Does it make you wonder why you freeze in the warm season if it is only sixty-eight outside, plus yet in the Winter season, most people only have their temperature controls set at sixty-eight?

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