The air conditioning is a lot

I had to go to my kid’s open house last Thursday, as well as I noticed something real conspicuous about the classroom. It was nothing gross and scary, just the fact that it was frigid and way too cold. I suddenly remembered that my kid had complained about it a few times back at home, as well as I had not really listened that close. Now I witnessed firsthand what my kid was talking about. The classroom was like being inside of a snowball. It was the middle of November, as well as yet it seemed that the a/c was running at full power! I was delighted to hear from the teaching assistant that my child was performing well as well as getting along with others. The teaching assistant was quite tied up with all the other parents, but eventually I caught a good moment to ask about the temperature control. The assistant tried to be tactful about the whole explanation, but it was clear that none of the people were delighted with the principal’s wants and needs when it came to the HVAC unit. The assistant seemed annoyed at him as well as mad for the comfort of those students. I decided it was best to take the idea up with the principal. That teacher assistant rather liked the idea. It even seemed as if the assistant was waiting for a parent to bring it up as well as be the one to bring it to the principal’s attention. I  assume they were hoping that a mom’s opinion may carry more weight than an assistant’s over the matter.