The air cooling system did not work

A few years ago, my hubby Andrew and I spent multiple weeks around Christmas time exploring the southern coast of the country. Every one of us live in the northern section and are accustomed to snow and freezing at that time of year. Andrew and I were eager for some milder temperatures. Every one of us enjoyed our time on the road, and took the time to stop at several attractions, swim in the ocean, and simply relax on sandy beaches.  Since both of us only required a hotel room for sleeping and showering, both of us looked for economical accommodations… Most of the time, both of us were fortunate and ended up with clean, comfortable rooms. The hotels always gave queen-sized beds, enjoyable water pressure, and a fine honestly working cooling system. However, there was 1 hotel that was memorable because of how exhausting it was, then when Andrew and I took the elevator to the seventh floor, both of us were already a bit upset about the level of accommodations. The elevator rattled and shook, and odored of cigarettes.  When both of us entered our hotel room, it odored like a litter box. The walls showed signs of water injure and there were webs in the corners, and i noticed dust on the furniture, hair in the tub, and the towels were thin and stained. Andrew and I were simply hoping to get a fine night’s sleep before both of us got back on the road… Unfortunately, the room was also terribly overheated and clammy feeling. The cooling system appeared seriously old. The cabinet was rusted and dented and the whole thing was dirty. Just a small number of the controls were functional and it put out absolutely little freezing air.  Every time the cooling system cycled on, it made a horrible screeching sound, dripped water onto the carpet and filled the room with a musty odor.

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