the band and the air conditioning

I was so ecstatic when my band went and got a gig at this famous local bar. When we arrived to the bar after dinner, and our first set was all set to go for 8PM. The two of us had yet another set all ready to go for 9:35 in the evening. Every single one of us spoke with the bar employer who hired us and have got us the gig itself, and they helped us set up our equipment on the stage. As soon as my friends and I walked out on the stage we were performing on, every last one of us could feel all the heat from the lights. It was easily exhausting to be honest with you all, and it made the stage feel like a wood burning stove. My friends and I asked the bar owner if they could adjust the cooling system in the place. They laughed at the cooling system turn up request, until they realized that every last one of us were serious. They told us they could adjust the cooling system, however they didn’t think it would help the indoor atmosphere what so ever. With people consistently walking in and out of the bar, the cooling system barely helps control the humid environment all together; By the time my friends and I finished our sixth set, all of us in the bar were out of breath, perspiring with sweat profusely, and ready for an evening in front of the nice old cooling system. My friends and I got back to our houses just before midnight, and we all then slept until the next day at noon.

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