The basement air cooling

When I was a teenager, I had a lot of issues at home. It wasn’t a safe environment for myself and others to live in, to put it simply, in addition to I was incredibly lucky to have a best neighbor whose parents were kind enough to agree to let myself and others stay with them. I packed up as various of my things as I could in addition to moved into their basement. I helped out around the cabin as much as possible so I’d assume appreciate I was pulling myself and others weight, in addition to I did my best to never complain about anything. That didn’t end up well for me, when my decision to not complain ended up jeopardizing my health. The basement wasn’t connected to the house’s main central air conditioner, leaving it without any cooling. Being underground, it was cool enough most of the year for myself and others to manage, however while I was in the summer season it would get so sizzling I would begin to assume it in the basement. My friend’s parents didn’t seem to be aware of the fact that the basement didn’t have any air conditioning, in addition to I didn’t want to trouble them, so I did my best to simply grin in addition to bear it. The lack of A/C didn’t become too sizable of an issue until a heat wave hit the area. My insistence to bear with the lack of cooling ended up with myself and others being hospitalized due to heat exhaustion. My friend’s parents felt disappointing for not realizing the basement didn’t have any air conditioning, in addition to I felt disappointing for worrying them. Everything got located with the house’s cooling to make the basement suitable to live in in the heat after that incident, in addition to I l acquired to be more open with them about any complications I was having.