The building is not air tight

My fiance & I have an home rental property. The two of us bought the property various years ago, in an auction. The place needed some serious Renovations, however our fiance is a building supplier for his career.. The two of us made most of the repairs on our own. The two of us saved a heap of money that way, however my fiance & I have been renting the apartments for almost ten years, & we have not had any real trouble in all of that time. Since the rental property is in our hometown, our fiance or myself can pop by any given day. Since the tenants guess we live close, they typically take care of the site. One of the Apartments is a three room & three bathroom apartment that is really nice. The home repair supervisor lives in this apartment, & he receives a chop on the rent for fixing building concerns, then last weekend, the building supervisor called. One of my tenants moved out, & he was reporting the status of their apartment. The tenants were annoyed with me, just because we decided to raise the rent this year. One tenant was displeased & terminated her lease right away. The moment that she left, she left the home in shambles. One thing our home manager observed, was the missing thermostat from the wall. The thermostat was ripped right from the wall. Three or four of the wires were hanging there, & another wire was completely missing, then i don’t guess why she decided to remove the thermostat, however I will be charging for the damage. My repair tech had to open the wall to fix the wiring problem, & we had to buy a brand new thermostat for that apartment. When I return the security deposit, I shall make sure the tenant is charged for all of the extreme damages & the missing thermostat.

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