the change in the home’s air quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the ideal range of relative indoor humidity is between thirty and sixty percent, then the rise and fall of exterior temperatures greatly impacts indoor humidity, keeping standard levels of humidification in the condo during the Winter season optimizes health and comfort.  Sufficient moisture allows for lower temperature control settings and saves cash on Winter season energy bills, because moist air retains heat more effectively than dry air, the more humid the indoor air, the warmer the condo feels, however when commanded humidity levels are ran tests on, the air no longer needs to pull moisture from condo furnishings, however it doesn’t draw moisture out of hair and skin, so there’s less chance of chapped lips, frizzy hair and troubles with eczema and psoriasis. I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to set a pot of water on the heating grate to generate steam. At a single point, she bought portable humidifiers which needed to be constantly refilled with water, however modern technology has led to whole-condo humidifiers that need nothing beyond annual maintenance. These quiet innovations install into the air handler, operate round-the-clock and allow personalized settings. Adding a humidifier to my heating idea has greatly improved the comfort of my home. It not only feels warmer but also cleaner and healthier. I spend less on utility bills and my whole family experiences fewer headaches, sore throats, bloody noses and static shock. I don’t need to worry about injure to hardwood floors, antique tables and rock n roll instruments, having the humidifier makes the long Winter seasons easier to endure.